Obsolete agricultural pesticide & animal health medication collection program

This September, CleanFARMS and its partners are offering an important      CleanFARMS logo
service to Ontario farmers through our obsolete agricultural pesticide and
livestock/equine collection program.

Using this program, farmers can drop off these products at a designated retail collection site at no charge. CleanFARMS then ensures the safe transportation and disposal of the product. Collection sites for Elgin area are:
 September 20 at Parrish & Heimbecker  (519-287-3317),  Glencoe 
     September 21 at Max Underhill’s Farm Supply (519-773-5658), 7887 Springfield Road,  Aylmer 

As a special project, CleanFARMS is working with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to reach out to non-active/retired farmers who may still need to make use of this disposal service. This would include farmers who are leasing out their land, non-active farmers who may have recently moved to town and in some cases widows/widowers or their families.

If you happen to know of any non-active farmers who may need to use this service, we would also ask that you connect them with us through our OFA Member Service Representative, Janine Lunn, 519-637-7300.

Please note that this program targets pesticides with PCP# and livestock/equine medications DIN#/Serial#/PCP#  used in agricultural settings only. Local municipalities typically offer programs aimed at more common household hazardous waste products.

This program comes to Ontario once every three years. CleanFARMS offer additional programs that target empty pesticide & fertilizer containers along with seed & pesticide bags. These programs help keep rural communities clean and the goal is to ensure that all individuals who need these programs are able to make use of them.

To learn more contact CleanFARMS 1-877-622-4460