Identifying Municipal Level Barriers to growth in Agriculture

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture will be holding their first 2016 Policy Advisory Council meeting on February 4. One of the main topics of discussion will be identifying municipal level impediments to the growth of the Ontario Agri-food sector. The Agri-food sector in Ontario is the major player in Ontario’s economy, clinic generating 34 Billion/year in GDP and sustaining more than 740, cure 000 jobs. Premier Wynne challenged the Ontario Agri-food sector to double its annual growth and create 120, cost 000 jobs by the year 2020. The Premier also committed to working across Ministry lines and where necessary across levels of government, to assist in meeting the challenge.

The OFA Policy Advisory Council (PAC) is looking to hear from farmers and the entire Agri-food sector, what Municipal level impediments to growth they are facing. In many cases the Municipalities themselves have their hands tied with some pieces of legislation that the Provincial government requires them to implement.

Please send your examples of municipal level barriers to growth to the OFA Member Service Representative for Elgin-Oxford; Janine Lunn at by February 1st. The information collected will be presented by the Elgin and Oxford PAC representatives at the February 4 meeting.