2006 Inductees

Norman MartinThere were two individuals inducted in 2006 – Norman Martin and Robert Shore.

Norman R. Martin

1890 – 1955

Norman Martin was born in Malahide Township, near Tillsonburg. He attended public school in Springfield and complete is formal education in 1916 at O.A.C., Guelph, majoring in chemistry and physics. Following his graduation, he joined the armed forces, holding the rank of lieutenant, from which he was later discharged for medical reasons. Norman worked in a number of penitentiary facilities in and around Kingstonm ON after which he spent some time in Guelph, teaching soldiers returning from World War I. In 1918, following the death of his brother, Alvin, Norman returned to his birthplace. He farmed with his father, Giles Martin, in Springfield until 1934 when he purchased the current family farm on Edgeware Road in Yarmouth Township. Together with his spouse, Florence (Bassonette) Martin, he lived out the rest of this life in Elgin County. Norman and Florence raised three children; Esther (Martin) Younie, Robert N. Martin and Julien Giles(Jud) Martin.

Agricultural Accomplishments:

Norman and his father, Giles Martin, farmed in Elgin County for many years and were the first to have a TB free herd of Holsteins. Along with his two sons, Bob and Jud, Norman was honoured with a Master Breeder Award in 1954.
Norman taught numerous short courses f the Department of Agriculture during the 1920’s.
Late 1940’s,  President of the Holstein Friesian Association of Canada
President of the Milk Producers of Canada.

Community Involvement

Active within the Yarmouth Centre Presbyterian Church
Membership in Masonic Lodge
Membership in numerous Agricultural Associations
Electoral candidate for the Provincial Conservative Party of Ontario (1936)
Electoral candidate for the Federal Conservative Party (1940)


Robert ShoreRobert (Bob) Hardy Shore


Having earned an Associate Diploma from O.A.C, Guelph and further training in auctioneering from a school in Indiana, Bob Shore assumed ownership of Shore Holsteins in 1953. Today, he can look back on a fifty year career as an internationally respected livestock auctioneer, sales manager, global exporter of Canadian livestock genetics, importer of selected dairy genetics for use in Canada, superb judge of dairy cattle and prominent breeder of Quarter Horses.

Agricultural Accomplishment:

Since 1953 when Bob Shore joined the family business, Shore Holsteins, with the assistance of his brothers, his wife and later, his children, he changed the focus of this enterprise from regional auctioneering, specializing in dairy cattle, to an international firm merchandising several species and numerous breeds from all over Canada to more than sixty countries, world-wide.
Bob is a founding member of the Canadian Livestock Exporters Association through which he has initiated many new marketing strategies that include export of Canadian beef & dairy cattle to the United Kingdom, India & Brazil, ad shipment of frozen embryos to Japan. Over the years, Bob’s auctioneering skills have earned him world record individual prices and world record sales averages & grosses in both Canada and the United States. In 1964, Bob brought Syndicate Purchasing into the Holstein business through the Shore Classic and later, the Shore Continental, allowing more Canadians to participate in the ownership of high valued genetics. As a result of his lifelong efforts as promoter and ambassador of the Canadian cattle industry, Bob was inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame in 1996.

Community Involvement:

Bob Shore takes great pains to support and develop people in pursuing their dreams in all aspects of the livestock industry and beyond. He has, for many years, been instrumental in the development and delivery of “Agriculture in the Classroom” and “Farm Days”, both EFA initiatives that promote awareness of Elgin County’s Agriculture Industry in Elgin County public schools. The “Farm Days” event was held at the Shore Sales Arena for several years where Bob conducted a “make-believe” auction for students to participate in. Bob has also been active in Elgin County’s 4-H clubs