2002 Inductees

There are three individuals inducted in 2002 –  Aldon Gent, Alistair Littlejohn and Bruce Howe.

Aldon Gent
Aldon Gent

1915 – 2006

Aldon Earnest Gent was born in 1915 on a farm near Kingsmill, northwest of Aylmer. His parents had a mixed operation including cattle and cash crops they later moved to a farm north of Springfield. After his father died in 1931, Aldon and his brother Gordon took over the family farm in partnership with their mother. The brothers bought the farm in the 1940s and later expanded by purchasing 2 more farms. They raised prize winning Holsteins.


Past President Harrietsville Junior Farmers 1945
Past President Aylmer Concentrated Milk Local
Director of Elgin Federation of Agriculture
Past President Elgin Federation of Agriculture 1954 -1955
Past President Elgin County Milk Committee
Past President Elgin Chapter Ontario Dairy Herd Improvement Corporation
Past director of Elgin Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Best winter wheat Elgin County Wheat Producers, 1994
Received several Dairy Herd Improvement Association Awards
Winner of Soil conservation Farm Award, 1988
Winner of Catfish Creek Conservation Authority Conservation Award, 1990
Chairman of Elgin County Labour Pool 1987 – 1989

Community Involvement

past Worthy Patron, Carnation Chapter #135 Springfield,
Order of the Eastern Star, 1943 -44
Secretary for Mt. Vernon School Board for several years,
Chairman of closing Committee in 1966
President of South Dorchester Historical Association 1979-2002
Started Flower Fund in Mt. Vernon Community in 1998
Started Neighbourhood Watch in 1991
Soil Conservation played a large part in Aldon’s farming. He used grassed waterways and took crops of hay from the waterways each year so as not to be wasteful. His farm was extensively tiled to allow him early access to the land after a rain which is especially important during harvest season.


Alexander (Alistair) B. S. Littlejohn

Alistair Littlejohn1918 – 2005

Alistair Littlejohn was born at home in Wallacetown in 1918 and went to school at S. S. 2 Tryconell and Dutton High School. He married Audrey Evans in 1944 and they have 11 children; Susan, Donald, Jamie, Mary Margaret, Niven, Janet, David, Alistair Jr., Tom, Andrea, Robbie. His farm is in the Wallacetown area.

Agricultural Accomplishments

– President of Elgin Junior Farmer 1945
– President of Elgin Soil and Crop 1951
– President of Elgin Federation of Agriculture 1965
– Founding board member of the Ontario Swine A.I. Association 1970
– Board member of Elgin County Cattlemen’s Association in the 1960’s
– President of FAME (Farmers Allied Meat Enterprises) 1964
– Elgin’s board member of the Ontario Wheat Producers in 1960’s
– Premier Exhibitor, Elgin County Seed Fair, 1946
– Victory Mills Award for high soybean yield, 1946
– Canadian Seed Growers’ Rep top Russia and Eastern Europe, 1978
– Member, Canadian Seed Growers’ for over 50 years as an Elite seed grower

Community Involvement

– Dunwich Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Reeve
– School Board Trustee, 1964, also Chairman
– Bobier Home Trustee, Chairman 1976 – 1988
– Land Severance Board late 1980’s and early 1990’s
– Member of Cameron Lodge 232 Dutton
– Lodge Master and District Deputy, 1979
– Member of Odd Fellows Lodge over 50 years


Bruce Howe

Bruce Howe1942 – 2001

Bruce Howe, a life-long resident of Elgin County, received his basic education at Jaffa Public School and East Elgin Secondary School in Aylmer. Following his high school graduation, he went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy at the University of Guelph in 1966. Upon his return to Elgin County, Bruce joined the family farming business; Mervin Howe & Sons Ltd, working with his father and two brothers. He married Elvinda Nelson with whom he had two children; Brent and Shelly. Bruce and his family resided at R. R. 5 in Aylmer until his death in 2001.

Agricultural Accomplishments

Bruce farmed with his father and two brothers, Keith and Glenn, under Mervin Howe and Sons Ltd 1966-1995. He then farmed with his son Brent until his death in 2001.
Locally, he was among the first breeders to superovulate cattle. His efforts resulted in 27 proginy being registered with Holstein Canada.
Mast Breeder Shield in 1989 and again in 2001.
Several Grand Champion, Reserved Champion and Junior Champion placings over the years at the Aylmer Fair.
Several premier breeder and exhibitor awards.
Following his retirement, Bruce sold seed corn or Garst and later became District Sales Manager.

Community Involvement

Aylmer Fair Board member for 25 years and President 1982-1983
Member of the Elgin County Holstein Club – president in 1977, during the Club’s 6oth Anniversary year. A letter from the Aylmer Recognition of his contribution to the community was presented by Aylmer Town Council.
When asked to comment about this greatest accomplishment in life, Bruce replied; “making so many good friends”